NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Here neuro refers to neurology; linguistic refers to language; programming refers to functioning of neural language. It’s a language of mind. It deals with conscious and sub-conscious mind and depends on actions and reactions of mind. To solve any problem, it works with mind but few chronic problems are related to past births, and to resolve these types of problems strong and eligible consciousness (चेतना) is needed to reach at the root of the problem.

In mind based techniques if we deal with the problem by deleting and substituting them, then it directly affects our memory and may corrupt spiritual growth of the soul.

In our Vedic scriptures it is said that no one has the right to interfere in someone’s past and future other than the capable Guru. Through Vedic methods, we call it Vedic NLP, it directly works with consciousness (चेतना) and through consciousness (चेतना ) it enters into mind.

Vedic NLP reaches at the root of the problem and resolves it without deleting, substituting and forgetting. It also helps in awakening consciousness and memory ( स्मृति ). Here memory (स्मृति) means remembering past, present & future and even forgetting whenever needed just at the Will.

It works on detachment of emotions whenever is needed by bypassing mind and its complexities. Since it is based on our vedic system, it makes people independent, the Lord of Self & triggers on the spiritual path with Shaktis to achieve whatever desired.

NLP can be applied to bring greatness in any area of life such as….

  • Powerful kriyas for mind
  • Seven Minds Shaktis
  • Managing Emotions
  • Improve Communication
  • Understand useful different types of mind