Vedicshaktis Intermediate Course

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Brain Sutras Activation

Mind is a powerful tool to process and refine every thought or experience to help you take best decisions in any situation. That decision decides the quality of your life in all dimensions health, wealth, career and relationships. However, that is only possible if your brain works to its fullest capacity, wherein the major issue we face today is lack of clarity, lack of understanding, confused to make a decision, lack of focus because of toxins in brain due to our habits and lifestyle.

What all can be possible if could detoxcify your brain?

Shiv Vibhuti

What if you could get the password of the universe, wherein you can access any information about any place, person or thing on the planet.

How about if you could download the content of a book in few minutes just by flipping it.
What if I could scan your body and heal your pain even if you are thousands miles away.
Yes, Yes, Yes!
This is possible as it was always in the Vedic times of Bharat.


Academic Excellence

Today, more is less.

Your have enrolled your child to the best school for good academic grades, but school is not enough so you have added tuition for them, in few years you realisetution is also not enough, you have made him join coaching center too for scoring good in academics and in competitive exams.
However, the intention to give them more is making them far lesser than they are capable of, as all this is fueled by the fear of not been able to compete.