Human system is created in such a way that when it is healthy, it expresses skills and abilities and controls matters.
But in today’s lifestyle our human system has become so latent that it gets infected by diseases and fight for its survival only.
Hence, we are introducing a unique healing mechanism for humans called “Shivagni”. Shivagni unblocks self-healing abilities to raise or shift to higher frequencies where one can express unbelievable abilities.
Shivagnihealing not only makes organ systems, organs, tissues or cells more newer

Shivagni – The Supreme Energy

To refine your body, to bring it into purest form (energy). Energy distraction of cells in body results in diseases.

Shivagni – the energy will be shifted to distracted cell to maintain the frequency, brings healing.

As Energy is distracted, cells will not be capable enough to absorb outer energy and results in diseases.

As healing is – Regaining it’s original state, to maintain the frequency.

If energy / the vibrational frequency disturbs there it ends in diseases & healing is to maintain the same frequency.

Like watering the root of a tree transfers the water to every branch of the tree, in the same manner one needs to prepare its body to heal every part of body.

Shivagni – Shiva’s Agni flowing inside you, one needs to be initiated by a Guru in order to flow this “Shivagni”, to heal its body.

Shivagni runs/flows through conscious will, it takes your healing to reach all the dimensions.

Shivagni travels in all dimensions, it allows you / it makes you capable to heal persons over the distance.

Our body regenerates cells every moment, when we are in state of disease our energy is at supreme low, so, every regenerated cell will absorb low energy & results in long lasting disease. Shivagni – shifts this energy to higher frequency & cell heals by flow of shivagni.

Shivagni holds the power to open third eye. More we will heal through shivagni the more we will become pure.

To live healthy/disease free – we need to release toxins from our body – emotionally, physically, mentally. Shivagni releases toxins from the body at emotional, physical and mental level.

Body regains its purest form.