Awareness gives you power to choose between being powerful or remain powerless.

Unlock your Himalayan potential to be the ultimate You- A master piece.

Many success stories of inner transformation has been experienced by many people from different walks of life including defense, scientists, businessmen, corporate professionals, parents, students, Trainers and coaches in our once in lifetime program called

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  • Proven vedic ways to break patterns and unblock energies to get desired results in life with great vision.
  • Duration:4 days residential event.
  • Age: 25 years+


  • Cleaning of 7 energy centres called chakras from negative root patterns.
  • Energizing 7 centres.
  • Relieves feeling of guilt, feeling of hurt, frustration.
  • Breaking patterns of fera, insecurity, anger, jealousy, greed, violence, etc.
  • Clear vision of future.
  • Dynamic kriyas to release emotional blockages.
  • Shivagni healing initiation.
  • Unblocking palm chakra for healing.



This (Ritambhara – Shiv Vibhuti) camp is itself a memorable is itself a memorable for lifetime as we experienced the real power. I am really excited about the body scanning and the power of healing as it is the way to serve the needy and the society.

Yes this is the journey which will end at Kailash (a complete satisfaction). Here I realized that I’m also an extraordinary person in a sleeping state now awoken by divine hearts.
Thanks a lot to all of you…
Vivek Raidani