Awareness gives you power to choose between being powerful or remain powerless.

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Shree Dravyam

Money is not the everything, but you need money for everything.

Money is an energy often not flowing to the fullest in people life because of their myths and beliefs about making money.

Break all your money myths and install the seeds of effortless wealth creation in your belief through divine initiation.

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Regain your body and mind through agamic way of lifestyle.


Human system is created in such a way that when it is healthy, it expresses skills and abilities and controls matters.
But in today’s lifestyle our human system has become so latent that it gets infected by diseases and fight for its survival only.
Hence, we are introducing a unique healing mechanism for humans called “Shivagni”. Shivagni unblocks self-healing abilities to raise or shift to higher frequencies where one can express unbelievable abilities.
Shivagnihealing not only makes organ systems, organs, tissues or cells more newer


Cosmis Celebration

a bliss way of celebrating life

Matangi Naad, Tandav, Meditation with Vedicshaktis Shivalay Prasadam.