VedicShaktis & Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian entity founded by Mrs. Juhee Jadon, Mr. Pankaj Chadha in guidance of H’ble Sunil Yadav. We are engaged in developing and nurturing human consciousness to their ultimate capacity, that is Super consciousness. Through our unique methods, which is revealed by Adi Guru Sadashiv in scriptures, we are exploring and nurturing unbelievable miraculous abilities in children and adults.

We believe that every individual has some unique abilities waiting to be awakened and to be inventors, creators to help mankind. If we work on consciousness of an individual through yog meditation then his/her life and others life attached to them will also be peaceful and mystical. We can say through yog meditation home, society, state, nation and world will be peaceful and have mystical abilities.

So, the purpose of education in the future will not be to create people with heads full of knowledge, but to train children who know how to use their consciousness to control mind for mystical & a blissful life.

This concept which we are using is on the basis of our Vedic Guru-Shishya lineage with the grace and blessings of Guru and Sadashiv Himself. we had been studying and researching about consciousness and its abilities since 2007 and practicing since 2013. we uses meditation techniques from yoga sutras of great maharishi Patanjali and Shiv Agamas.

We proved that mind has unimaginable & natural mystical abilities which we cannot believe if it is controlled and regulated by consciousness. If mind is trained well to be under consciousness through yog meditation, it may be a great tool for the human being because there is something exist beyond mind and he is only the real master of mind. Mind is just like a servant for that being.

The main thing is to realize that Self and express those natural mystical abilities. After all, anybody can learn the science of Self realization.

Yes, It Is A Pure Science Originally Developed By Adi Guru Sada Shiva.

It is not a new concept. In ancient india it was very important and basic foundation for education system. Our ancient gurus, Rishis emphasized first to train the brain, mind and body before giving their teachings and all it is done through yog meditations. Yog meditation was a daily soap for the gurukul education system. Through yog meditation they taught how to achieve high concentration, which was important ingredient to achieve desired success & results in life. But all these yog meditation process got lost with the time.

Now days, what we know and think about yog meditation is very limited. We even do not know that if we practice yog meditation in proper way it can give miraculous abilities. But here, it is noticeable that what we think miraculous abilities, actually these all are natural abilities given to every human being which can be experienced if trained well in yog meditation.

So, We Are Exploring Those Natural Powers Through Shiv Agamas And Great Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras But Adi Guru Sada Shiva Is The Main Source.